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Jan 24, 2023

This is the year for building a strong body. A body that can resist anything that it must face: the colds, the flus, diseases, chemicals, and all sorts of contaminations. A strong immune system can deal more easily with these. So, what is the best way to get a strong body? Let’s look at five basic qualities of food that we, at Simple Kneads, believe lead to optimal health through complete nutrition.


WHOLE Choose plant-based foods as unrefined as possible. These are packed with nutrition and have high levels of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. Our artisan sourdough GF loaves are made from five whole ancient grains. We do not use any starches, white flours, fillers or gums. Not to mention, our product is top-9-allergen free and truly sourdough. This means no commercial or baker’s yeast. Made the way bread used to be!

HARMLESS Identify foods that help your body heal. Keep away from those things your body is reacting negatively to. Even if it’s technically a “good” food, it may not be good for you. Also, keep in mind that just because it’s sold in a health food store, or is labeled gluten-free or vegan, does not mean it’s healthy. And as often as possible, use organic foods! You will find an (*) after each organic ingredient in our products.

DIGESTIBLE “All disease begins in the gut” (Hippocrates). He really wasn’t too far off. It’s proven that good digestion leads to better health. A simple way to begin to nourish your digestive system is through good, fermented foods. Things such as yoghurt, sauerkraut, kimchi and even sourdough bread are wonderful for good gut health! Our sourdough process of fermentation makes our bread easier to digest and is a great place to start!

VARIETY Variety is the spice of life and essential in any diet! Different foods provide different types of nutrients and so variety is key to getting the nutrition your body needs to heal and thrive. Take time to check out our Instagram @simplekneads_gf where you will find hundreds of creative, delicious and healthful ways to enjoy our bread. Bring inspiration to your mealtime!

TASTY In Japan one of the dietary directives is “enjoy your meals.” Enjoyment actually tells your parasympathetic nervous system to trigger a relaxing response. This greatly aids with digestion and absorption of nutrients. So, enjoy your food, and it will digest better!

These are the guiding principles that are baked into every Simple Kneads loaf!

By Sandy K. Workman, Director of Brand Development


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