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Mar 4, 2024

We are bread lovers. When I got married, I baked 5 loaves of bread weekly. Not just for ourselves of course, but for sharing with neighbors as well. Our favorite was my mother-in-law’s delicious oat bread. Unfortunately, my whole wheat bread baking days ended when we realized my husband was seriously gluten-intolerant. However, during the first 9 years I learned a lot about baking bread. One thing I learned by experience was, bread without salt is not pleasant. My thoughtful husband ate it with much creativity. However, not only does salt enhance the flavor of food, but it’s also actually needful for good health!

Salt Helps in Biological Function:

Research now shows that without adequate sodium, your brain would not be able to send necessary electrical impulses to the rest of your body so that it could function correctly! Salt is definitely vital for life! It plays a major role in our body’s overall fluid balance and muscle contraction and indirectly helps in the transportation of oxygen and nutrients to our bodies! Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health states that we need about 500 milligrams of sodium each day for these critical processes. No wonder salt was considered more precious than gold in ancient times! No human would be alive today without this important chemical compound!

What Salts are Best?

Our bodies can’t produce salt by themselves, so we must get it from some external source. But which salt is best? Is there one salt better than another? Everyone has their opinions on this, but we have found that sea salts and Himalayan Pink salt are at the top. See the following site for more information on the amazing benefits of real sea salts – https://science.drinklmnt.com/electrolytes/why-your-brain-needs-electrolytes/

Here at Simple Kneads we use organic sea salt in our breads, and unlike most salts, ours does not contain anticaking agents. We try to keep all our ingredients as clean as possible!

Salt is vitally important, but it’s important to use quality natural salt and not the standard table salt wherever possible. We understand that some people have to be extra careful with their salt intake, but we hope that this information has been helpful as you continue your journey toward healthier and happier living!

Sandy K Workman
SK Director of Brand Development

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